Art By DawnMarie

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DawnMarie Lee

Who is DawnMarie Lee?

a Girl whose Family is from Spain,Italy, France and Ireland


mANHATTEN,  I was raised to Love Life ,  always being called a Free Spirit, My Family moved to Long Island where I grew up on the beaches of Fire Island, The Hamptons, and  Port Jefferson ,the North Shore. When ever we traveled we traveled along the Shore line, I always Loved the water . The Sound of the waves, wildlife ,fishing, and boating. I Love to watch Nature left alone, and I Love to celebrate people. I can see and hear, true Beauty, Love and Goodness . Each day being a New day I would arise and seek life, at a young age I left home seeking , Along my journey  i discovered many lost, and many broken. I always loved to bring kindness and hope to the hopeless always believing in what the future holds, knowing everyone is special and everyone needs to be loved, in a pure way.... I. began my journey...

Seek, knock  and  Find , persevere,  press  thru..

God Is the One  ,He Helps me Write Poetry, Write Songs ,Sing for Him and Paint with Him, He Is the Master Creator

I began exploring and discovering...

My pain became so strong, 

this is where my Painting Journey began, The First collection  IS  called  ''  In the begining"  

 I received  many compliments and people wanting to  buy  them right away,  some I sold , some I held as I was still discovering ....... with These paintings  I was  called  Rembrandt, Monet, Picasso, and later Auguste Renoir, expressing  emotions..... Just exploding out....... 

I began Painting uncontrollable ........

 Acrylic, Oil, Water Color, I bought pencils, charcoal, spray paint and was discovering a world that awaits inside of me , seeking to come out, i quickly took out canvases and began Painting, and cannot stop painting , When I Paint I simply begin brush to canvas or knife to canvas ,  I Love Every medium.... I lOVE DISCOVERING what is inside of me. 

 as my heart was joined in Perfect Peace I created. Out came a canvas  in remembrance of  my Grandmother as I watched a women say to her friend.... ''  Now that is a Monet!''    as she was approaching  to see the painting ...     i was honored.

                             Great Appreciation/Acknowledgements

I was then invited to Palm Island , Art Show in Englewood Florida. 

I was invited to hold an Open Exhibit to the Public hosted by Edward Jones  featured in the News Paper in Punta Gorda Florida.

I was commissioned  to Paint a few murals, Port Charlotte fl. and Englewood Florida featured in the Sun Herald of Englewood Florida.

I was invited to Exhibit in the ibssa Art Festival in Sapphire Shores Sarasota.   

Expressionistic Art sold in Chasen Reed Gallery in Sarasota Mainstreet 

Impressionistic Art sold in Artimesia on Venice Island in Venice Florida.

I was invited to show a Series of Artistic Expression work in the M.O.F.A.C Museum in Florida , I had just finished a work and Named the painting Emerge. Emerge was part of the Emerging Artist Exhibit. Anne Reynolds Author and her husband Charles founders of M.O.F.A.C Museum discovered and co-sponsered me.

I was invited to be a Featured Artist and Exhibit in the Ringling Englewood Art Center in the Mangrove Gallery.

I was invited to be the Featured Artist and Exhibit in the Ringling Englewood Art Center in the Loranger Gallery.

I now have opened a Galleria 2019 on the Main Street of Dearborn in Englewood, the Historic part of  town where I have been applauded for a High End Gallery, by the people.



Artist Bio : as people said I reminded them of  leading Artists, I needed to see if  what these leading Artist wrote  in their Bio was true to myself, and here is what i found,  I have an : 

Impressionistic Modern movement just as  Picasso who is  Spanish, that awaits inside of me  , capturing the optical effects of light conveying the passage of time, with pure intense color, abandoning traditional perspective, living completely true to my inner self,   works being referred to as a Claude Monet' (french) wet on wet technique using soft brush  strokes to modern art, other works relate to (french) August Renoir featuring the emotional attributes, without former schooling rendering expressionism , further being related to Rembrandt connecting what once was disconnected, capturing the Italian avant'-garde movement to Futurism, painting with rhythmatic pulsating qualities to abstract expressionism and futurism even in a single painting, defying the impossible with the possible, the unknown with the known, being challenged by living every moment on the tip of the wave, creating Surreal works of Art. as I discover the gift that lives inside of me, I am awakened to desire more.,